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Michael Reyes on stage.

Michael Reyes

Michael Reyes.

Landing in Chicago right after college, Michael promised to move on once there was nothing left to learn. Twenty plus years later, he’s barely scratched the surface, but is having a blast working with great companies, production teams, and artists — at Lifeline, Theo Ubique, First Floor, Promethean, and Davenports, to name just a few. 

He’s had some dream roles, opened (and closed) his own company, and watched — and at times participated — in the growth of a community that is somehow both constant and ever changing. His first outings with Strawdog were in season 29 in Cymbeline and The Night Season. Joining this ensemble, to really connect closely with the audience through new and familiar stories, is and will be amazing. 

Off stage, you may find him baking, daydreaming, and just generally trying to remain curious.

Strawdog Cast

Take Me (Season 31)

Masque Macabre (Season 31)
Cast Member

Cymbeline (Season 29)

The Night Season (Season 29)
Gary Malone

The Four (Season 33)
Cast Member