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Set design by Hank Boland.

Hank Boland

Hank Boland.

Hank’s work with Strawdog includes season 17’s epic musical The True Ballad of Fall’s Blessings, written in collaboration with Strawdog Theatre Company, which premiered in 2005 and was directed by Nic Dimond. In season 18 he contributed​“The Adventures of the Glenwood Springs Kid: The War Mask of El Dorado,” directed by Gregor Mortis, to Wireless Program Four. In season 19 he was the author of Strawdog Radio Theatre Six: A Many-Splendored Thing, directed by Jennifer Avery.

In 2006, Nic Dimond asked Hank to developed and oversee the Strawdog Ensemble Writing Initiative, more modestly known as The Hit Factory! Several graduation services and evenings of The Hit Factory Presents are evidence that the Strawdog Ensemble Writing Initiative is not only committed to creating new works, but also committed to strengthening the working relationships between Strawdog and other members of the Chicago Theatre Community.

In 2008 Hank was asked to join the Strawdog ensemble, and held the position of Managing Director from 2009–2011. He is currently Strawdog’s Director of New Works as well as the director of Strawdog’s popular late night offering Theatre Wars!

Hank was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, raised in Pensacola, Florida, and has lived in Chicago since 1990. He attended Florida State University, Pensacola Junior College, has taken writing workshops at Second City, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film from Columbia College in Chicago. He has been an adjunct faculty member in the Film Department of Columbia College Chicago since 2004, where he teaches a variety of screenwriting classes.

His writings include numerous pieces at Strawdog, as well as co-authoring four musical comedies, a commissioned piece with 2nd Story, and most recently adapting a piece for Barrel of Monkeys. He holds an MFA in Playwriting through Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky. He also serves on the Board of Directors for The League of Chicago Theaters.

Strawdog Creative Team

A Many-Splendored Thing (Season 19)

Wireless: Programme 4 (Season 18)
Author "The Adventures of The Glenwood Springs Kid"

Wireless: Programme 4 (Season 18)
Staff Writer

The True Ballad of Fall's Blessings (Season 17)